Coating Specialists to the Aerospace Industry

As one of Europe's leading surface treatment specialists for the aerospace and military sectors, we offer an unrivalled service to our clients across Europe.

Our clients are major suppliers to companies like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, McDonnell-Douglas, and many more.

Our skill is in delivering controlled surface treatments in precisely the right places
on components of sizes between a tiny platinum rivet, to a large two meter roller. Whether your requirements are to coat the item in paint to a precise line and coat the remainder in micron thick aluminium, or to apply electroless-nickel plating - we are specialists you can rely upon.

Our clients seek our help so they may take advantage of recent technical developments, to deliver better performance or improved benefits or a reduction in life-cycle cost of the component. Contact us on the UK telephone line shown opposite where we will be pleased to discuss your questions and advise you.

We are part of the Aalberts Industries Group - click the link below to access the website.