Stop Aluminium Corrosion

Atmospheric conditions result in Aluminium starting to oxidise and lose some proprotion of its crucial properties almost immediately it is made. For the metal to retain these properties, coating it in a very thin layer of a metallic oxide coating (with one of many different colours) can result in the item being completely protected from dangerous corrosion.

Anodising adds the oxide coating to the aluminium: The layer has to be applied with real care and precision as any small gap or uneven application could lead to the part corroding - but from the inside, if the atmosphere has access to any raw surface.

Depending on your application, you could require an even coating of 5 microns upwards to half a millimetre thickness. If your component is in a protected environment and not subject to any wear or abrasion, you could find that a simple paint could offer the protection you need.

In some applications, we deliver more than three types of corrosion protection to the entire part. Talk to us and we can advise you.