Cadmium Plating

Cadmium Plating can be used in a number of different important manufacturing areas. The coating offers a unique set of properties to the treated materials which no other single alternative treatment can currently match or replace.

Cadmium coatings produce a good lubricity, easy solderability and other beneficial properties that are essential during the service life of many engineering components.

Cadmium coatings main use is to impart corrosion resistance to steels. Within the aerospace industry it is utilised to prevent bimetallic corrosion between high tensile steel fasteners and aluminium alloys. Engineers within the Aerospace sector regard Cadmium plating as important for bolts used with engines, major structural members and landing gear and for fasteners for aluminium sheet.

Cadmium is normally applied by electro-deposition from cyanide or acid solutions in barrels or vats. Cadmium can also be applied by mechanical plating, vacuum deposition and metal spraying, but generally only electroplated Cadmium is of commercial importance.

Regulatory actions restricting Cadmium coatings use to applications where there is no suitable alternative coating has however reduced the usage of the treatment.